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Management Profile

Mr. Mohan Lal Agarwal

One of our Directors Mr. Mohan Lal Agarwal has a very good knowledge in all Segments of Construction and he brings with him 40 years of experience across various large businesses. He has an enormous expertise in running a steel manufacturing plant. Always been a very good friend and counselor in the growth of Sikhara.

Mr. Siddi Reddy

The man with a firm vision Mr. Siddi Reddy, Director of Sikhara projects brings with him his great knowledge in construction domain with over 30 years of skill and know-how. He has been very meticulous in executing various ventures and projects for numerous real estate companies. His exposure to different verticals of domain has been incredible; we are extremely honored and delighted to have him with us

Mr. Vinod Reddy

Young, Energetic and Dynamic Mr. Vinod Reddy, Director of Sikhara Projects an Engineering Graduate. He is the man behind initiation and execution of Sikhara projects. He manages the day to day operations like sales, marketing, business development etc., He has always been very innovative in his thinking and a calculated risk taker. As per the vision of Sikhara he has single-minded focus on sikhara’s growth and knows what he has to do to make dreams come in to reality for his clients.